LTWT Association

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Association (LTWTA) was formed in 2003 by a group of local volunteers. Still active as a paddling club, the LTWT Team advocates for paddler interests at Lake Tahoe, promotes development of the Lake Tahoe Water Trail, and helps paddlers keep in touch with emerging issues.

The dedicated team of volunteers has been committed to:

  • representing paddler interests for new or improved public beach areas,
  • creating new tools for Water Trail users like our Day Trip maps and the Overnight Trip map, and
  • having fun at group paddle events.

Water Trail club members at a group paddle event.

The LTWTA volunteers also help to protect access to public waters, educate paddlers about stewardship, safety, and etiquette issues and private property restrictions, advocate with other user groups about paddler needs and concerns.

Join us on the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Facebook page for paddle news and updates throughout the year.

See you on the water, and don’t forget to clean, drain and dry every time.

Tahoe Keepers

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Be part of the Tahoe paddle culture.

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Clean, Drain, Dry Every time.