Tips for Lodges to Accommodate Paddlers

A note from the LTWT Team

If you have a hotel, motel, resort, or other lodging spot on the water trail, we at the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Team would like to help you provide the necessary features to make your paddling guests happy and to help get your name out to the paddling community.

There are four areas that a business should address to help meet the needs of kayak and SUP (stand up paddle-board) travelers:

1.  Transportation.  Provide transportation for your guests and their gear from the water to your lodge.  If you are on the water, this may require only a set of kayak wheels (about $150).   If you are located any distance from the landing point, this may require a van with a kayak trailer ($3,000 to purchase a 3 kayak trailer or $74 for materials to build your own 5-kayak rack to fit an existing utility trailer.  We show you how to build one here).  Another alternative is to farm out the transportation to a shuttle company.  Many kayak and SUP rental companies also provide shuttle services.

2.  Kayak Storage.  Safe storage of kayaks and SUP’s on site or at the landing point is essential to kayakers.  The theft of a poorly stored kayak may not only ruin someone’s vacation, but the cost of a kayak or paddle board may run from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand for some custom models.   Some state and national parks are discussing adding locked storage facilities for kayaks at their haul-out and put-in points.  These racks and closets can be built on your premises or at the beach.  Storing your guests kayak at the beach eliminates the need to transport it to your lodge.  An enclosed locked cabinet or a simple rack with a $65 kayak cable lock are some options to explore.

3.  Food.  Guests who arrive by kayak won’t have land transportation so they will need access to nearby food and possibly entertainment options.  Restaurants or grocery stores nearby if cooking facilities are provided in the rooms, shuttle vans or bike rentals should be part of your planning for paddling guests.

4.  Other Concerns.  Paddling guests may require an early morning breakfast and early transportation back to the beach for the next leg of their trip.  A place to purchase a packed lunch with some ice to keep it cool would be a nice amenity.  Some guests may desire to have their luggage shipped ahead to the next lodge.  Others will want to carry their luggage back-pack style in their kayak’s dry storage areas.  The greater number of items you have considered to meet your paddling guest’s needs will place you higher on their list of recommended lodges when they tell their friends about their great Tahoe paddling adventure.

If we can help you with any of these issues, or you have other questions about catering to the paddling crowd, please let us know at