Conservancy and NV State Lands Grants will Complete Signage in 2018

SBC Secures Funding to Complete Lake Tahoe Water Trail Signage System and Mobile Mapping Water Safety Tool

To help paddlers have a safe and fun adventure while protecting the watershed, Sierra Business Council has received funding support to complete the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Educational Wayfinding Interpretive Signage, and a lake access mobile mapping/marine conditions tool.

Grants are provided by the Nevada Division of State Lands’ 2018 Lake Tahoe License Plate program and the 2018 Lake Tahoe Science and Lake Improvement Account administered by the California Tahoe Conservancy.

Funds allow SBC to complete the signed educational water trailhead system for 20 designated public launch/landing sites selected by lake-wide land owners who manage public lake access, recreation, aquatic invasive species prevention, and resource conservation programs.

Combining stewardship with recreation, the Water Trail Signage and corresponding mobile mapping tool with real-time weather and marine conditions provide useful water safety and resource conservation tips, and navigable paddle routes to access shoreline businesses, nearby hiking trails, historic sites, lodging and campgrounds along the 72-mile endless water trail. The mobile mapping tool will be released late this summer.