Access for All! Connect The Generations On A Paddle Eco-Adventure

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In this day and age, it can be difficult to help create a strong bond between all generations of a family. Overexposure to cell phones, internet, and work can cause distractions from what’s important… and that’s time with each other. To us, our love for Big Blue makes the solution simple. The answer is a kayaking adventure on Lake Tahoe for everyone!

Opportunity To Create Safe and Fun Experiences

What are the most important things to create long lasting memories? It’s about bonding with friends and family, creating a unique memory, entertainment, exercise, and learning. A paddling adventure on Lake Tahoe covers ALL these and more. You’re out on the water which is a refreshing feeling. This human powered recreation challenges your spirit and body.

Inspire Yourself To Become A Steward

Tahoe Yellow Cress Lake Tahoe Water Trail
The Tahoe Yellow Cress

Surrounded by beautiful peaks, you’re given an opportunity to learn something new like taking care of our environment. This includes things like protecting the native Tahoe Yellow Cress and being a Tahoe Keeper to protect our crystal-clear lake so that future generations can enjoy it too.

Join Tahoe’s Paddle Culture

Two people paddling a kayak on Lake Tahoe
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And, most of all, you get to develop new skills. Besides knowing how to swim and self-rescue. Kayaking and paddle boarding requires knowledge about water safety and boating navigation – that are very important in the mountains. To introduce you to the joys of paddling safely, we encourage you to take a free online paddle sports safety course found on our website.

Make A Connection With Nature

In summary, paddling will give everyone a chance to step away from the daily stresses and create that lasting experience each of us craves in life – a physical connection with nature shared with each other – and generations to come.

To make it super easy, visit our website’s homepage where you can find the latest on weather, review our 7 Day Trip Maps (include link to blog or website page), make sure you have all the gear, find a paddle outfitter, and get tips on your first-time kayaking.

Happy paddling!

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is a Sierra Business Council sustainable recreation tourism project. Learn more about SBC's innovative social, environmental and economic development projects in the Sierra Nevada at www.sierrabusiness.org.


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