Aquatic Invasive Species & Required NV AIS Decal

Non-motorized boaters on Lake Tahoe are required to purchase a Nevada AIS decal.

Sale of the NV AIS decal (currently $6 for non-motorized) funds the state aquatic invasive species AIS prevention program and applies to watercraft on Lake Tahoe. The AIS decal is required to be purchased and displayed on all watercraft capable of retaining water – including canoes and kayaks. Paddleboards are NOT required to purchase decal. For more information on the requirements and to purchase your Nevada AIS decal, visit Nevada Department of Wildlife.  Decals cannot be purchased at Lake Tahoe.

Vessels that fall under the provisions of the NV AIS decal program must properly display it whenever they are in Nevada waters. This includes watercraft that are  launched in California and paddle into Nevada. Paddling without the decal will be subject to enforcement action. The NV AIS decal is separate from the Tahoe Keepers program.  Remember, all watercraft must be Clean, Drained, and Dry.

For questions, call NDOW at (775) 688-1500 or email ndowinfo@ndow.org.


Needs NV AIS decal

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