How To Use The Lake Tahoe Water Trail Website From Your Phone

On the Lake Tahoe Water Trail website, we provide A LOT of information, tips, and maps to help beginners as well as seasoned paddlers enjoy the bounty of Tahoe’s waters. Not all of us bring a computer along when visiting Big Blue, so we wanted to ensure you have this info at your fingertips anywhere you’re at. We’ve done this by making our website not just mobile friendly but paddle mobile ready.

Easy Route Finding

One of the first things to do before heading out on any paddling adventures is figuring out where you’re going to launch and land from so you have a plan. A good place to start on your phone is the Google Maps page. From there, we give you the option to look at the website or open all the information directly ON Google Maps. You will then find all 20 trailheads easily, see photos of the launch and landing sites, and read about the amenities available to you at each one. For even more information and trip ideas, be sure to check out the seven day trip maps section too. Each one provides detailed mapped paddle routes connecting available launch and landing sites within a 10-mile area.

Real-Time Weather & Wind Info In One Place

Lake Tahoe’s summer weather and the legendary Washoe Zephyr winds are not to be joked about. It’s critical that you have the wind and weather forecast along with real-time information so that you can home safe and have a good time on the water. We give you easy access to nine weather locations that cover every LTWT launch and landing site all in one place under our weather map page. Just click the “+” on the map to see the current conditions and the hyperlink within to get the upcoming wind forecast to help you create a plan.

Filing A Float Plan

Once you’ve decided where you’re going and checked the wind and weather, it’s time to File a Float Plan. This will let your loved ones and friends know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. All you need to do is select Safety from the menu and click File A Float Plan.

Finally, Heads UP! Buckle your life jacket, have some fun, and don’t forget to take in your surroundings.

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Sierra Business Council and the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Committee and their contributors will be in no way responsible for personal injury or damage to personal property arising in conjunction with the use of this website or printed materials. Good judgment and planning are critical to any successful outing. Before heading out on the water, it is recommended that you check with other sources of information for the latest lake conditions.

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