Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide – Now In Spanish

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The paddling community is one of inclusivity. We want everyone to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Tahoe along with the health and wellness benefits of paddling. Our goal is to cultivate a diverse generation of conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. And so, as of 2021, the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide is now available in Spanish.

Not Just A Map…

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In addition to now having a Spanish La Ruta Acuática de Lake Tahoe Mapa y Guía de Acceso, we also have Spanish translated day trip maps on our website that you can download. The segmented mapped routes provide the same details about access and water safety you’d find in our English maps. This includes info like launch and landing sites, parking locations, transit options, private property boundaries, and a host of other useful information to plan your paddle day.

A Seamless Solution

We understand there’s a lot of stuff you need the day of a paddling adventure besides having a waterproof map — and wearing your life jacket. You need to know the wind forecast. File A Float Plan. And make sure you have a Plan B if Plan A gets foiled. We’ve helped do this by making the Spanish Guide work seamlessly with the mobile-friendly website, which is also available in Spanish. You’ll find interactive mapped routes and real-time weather conditions too.

What’s In It

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Image appears courtesy: Sierra Business Council

This official paddling guide pinpoints 37 launch and landing sites including the 20 Lake Tahoe Water Trail trailheads with wayfinding signage, restrooms, and parking. The waterproof guide also features in-depth water safety and boating regulations, summer wind and weather patterns, mapped paddle routes, and conservation tips to help paddlers prepare and plan ahead.

Where To Get Your Guide

To purchase a guide, all you need to do is click Maps on the top bar & then click “Get the Waterproof Map & Guide.” Next, you’ll have the option to pick between the English or Spanish versions from the drop-down.

You’re A Champion!

Last but not least, buying a guide isn’t just going to help you. It also helps the Sierra Business Council to continue developing paddler education materials, provide sustainable business development, and environmental protection. In summary, you become a champion for Tahoe so that future generations can enjoy its beauty too.

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is a Sierra Business Council sustainable recreation tourism project. Learn more about SBC's innovative social, environmental and economic development projects in the Sierra Nevada at www.sierrabusiness.org.


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