Explore Water Trail

Lake Tahoe offers more than 72 miles of shoreline with 20 public launch/landing sites. Tahoe’s sandy beaches and rocky inlets are ideal conditions for kayaks, paddle boards, and other non-motorized watercraft.

The map below breaks the 72 mile route into seven segments. Follow the link for each Day Trip to get a 2-sided map with information about parking fees, public launch/landing sites and day landings, private property restrictions, seasonal closures, and other launch site amenities.

Before you launch at Tahoe, all watercraft and gear must be Cleaned, Drained and Dry to prevent Aquatic Invasive Species. Self inspecting and decontaminating your gear is easy. Learn how by becoming a Tahoe Keeper.  Or, don’t worry and rent from a local paddle shop.

Click on the link to see and download a Day Trip Map. Miles below are approximates.

It’s a big lake. Be Prepared. Before you paddle, check the daily Lake Tahoe marine forecast. Check GPS and Weather Conditions –

Read about water safety tips here and Frequently Asked Questions here.


Plan a Trip with the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Guide.  Only $11.99! Click here to find a store to purchase this great navigation tool.

Waterproof 24” x 37” folded map with detailed paddling and boating information for Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake.
• GPS coordinates
• Latitude/Longitude grids
• Public Launch and Landing Sites
• Public Landing ONLY Sites
• Underwater and Land Topography
• Paddle Shops
• Shoreline Businesses
• Lodging
• Campgrounds
• Points of Interest