South Lake Tahoe, CA

Get Ready for an Endless Paddle Summer


72 miles of pure liquid fun!

Welcome to Lake Tahoe, a purely delightful paddle paradise. As the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada straddling California and Nevada at 6,229 feet, mountain conditions and strong winds can be a challenge. The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is an endless 72-mile water route along the shoreline with public launch and landing sites, wayfinding signage, paddle routes to match your ability and interests, navigation tools, stewardship and water safety tips to help you have a safe and fun eco-paddle adventure.


Play it Safe!

Lake Tahoe is a big, high alpine lake. The water is always cold and weather conditions can change rapidly. Be sure to review safety information on this website before heading out.


Look for this trail marker to find 20 trailheads with signage.

Use the map below for finding trailheads and route planning with info on launch sites, campgrounds, parking, and bathrooms.

Day Trip Paddle Routes

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Water Trail Trailhead with parking and restrooms

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public launch site

Public launch/landing site

public landing site

Landing site only

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Watch Your Step!

Tahoe yellow cress (TYC) is a small native plant that grows on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe and no where else in the world.

Respect Private Property

While many shoreline areas around Lake Tahoe are public, many areas are private property. Please respect private property.

Leave No Trace

Pack it in, pack it out. Camp only in designated campgrounds. Fires are allowed only in designated areas of campgrounds. Be familiar with Water Trail stewardship guidelines.


Be a Tahoe Keeper!

Stop aquatic invasive species. Clean, drain, and dry your paddle gear. It’s the law. Find self-decontamination procedures and inspection sites.

Let Others Know Before You Go

Have you completed a FLOAT PLAN?

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Sierra Business Council and the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Committee and their contributors will be in no way responsible for personal injury or damage to personal property arising in conjunction with the use of this website or printed materials. Good judgment and planning are critical to any successful outing. Before heading out on the water, it is recommended that you check with other sources of information for the latest lake conditions.

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