Heads Up! New Lake Tahoe Water Trail & Access Guide Now Available

lake tahoe water trail map and access guide

Sierra Business Council is thrilled to announce the new edition of the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide. This waterproof guide helps kayakers and paddle boarders safely navigate the amazing 72-mile water route on the cobalt blue waters of what is known as the crowning jewel of the Sierra.

What’s New For the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map

Like any great tool, where each version is new and improved, the 2019-2020 Guide is no different. The new Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide is revamped, from the graphics to the information within it. Standing at a whopping 24” x 36” (don’t worry – it’s foldable), the highly detailed map pinpoints all of the 37 public launch and landing sites including the Lake Tahoe Water Trail’s distinct 20 trailheads, featuring wayfinding signage, restrooms, paddle shops, and parking. And that’s not all! It also provides:

  • Tips on water safety
  • Summer wind / weather patterns
  • Ideas for out & back day trip routes
  • Campgrounds
  • Guides on conservation (e.g. Tahoe Yellow Cress) & how to help prevent against aquatic invasive species (AIS) by becoming a Tahoe Keeper

Simply put, this IS the ultimate, must-have guide before you head out onto “Big Blue!”

lake tahoe water trail trailhead tahoe vista
Lake Tahoe Water Trail trailhead at Tahoe Vista


Where To Pick Up The Map?

Now that we’ve got you excited about this amazing map, where do you pick one up? Guides can be purchased at one of the many local businesses & locations listed on our website or directly via our website. All net proceeds support water safety, public access, and prevention of aquatic invasive species & paddler education.

Pick one up today! It’s the definitive kayaking and paddle boarding guide for Lake Tahoe and also helps Sierra Business Council keep the Water Trail project alive, ensuring good paddle access for years to come.

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is a Sierra Business Council sustainable recreation tourism project. Learn more about SBC's innovative social, environmental and economic development projects in the Sierra Nevada at www.sierrabusiness.org.


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