Lake Tahoe Water Trail Spotlight: Nevada Beach And Campground

two people at Nevada Beach enjoying paddleboarding Tahoe

Sitting just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the casino corridor, you’ll find one of the most beautiful, large sandy beaches in South Shore — the Nevada Beach and Campground. Approximately ½ mile west of Round Hill Shopping Center, this strip of sand is a great option for your first time paddling. For starters, it has plenty of parking, restrooms, picnic tables and area compared to other popular beaches in the region. Secondly, the beach itself is sandy helping you shove off and land easily. And last but not least, Kayak Tahoe located on the north end has an abundance of paddle boards and kayaks to rent. So with that, let’s dig into what to expect as part of our Lake Tahoe Water Trail Trailhead spotlight at Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe & Campground.

Paddling Nevada Beach

The views, access to local culture, and alpenglow sunsets are unmatched. In fact, this public beach might have the easiest access to the calming waters of Big Blue. Even if you have to walk a distance to reach the beach, the approach is relatively flat and via a nice trail so you don’t have to walk on a road. Once at the waters, you won’t find any dangerous rocks or craggy shoreline. Instead, you’ll be rewarded with big Ponderosas standing watch over a half mile of sandy access to go swimming, picnicking, and of course paddling. In fact, it’s the largest sandy beach on the Nevada side.

Note: This beach is home to the native Tahoe yellow cress. Please respect all fenced enclosures so that this rare plant survives for future generations to see.

Two Out-And-Back Day Trip Paddles

Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe aerial shot
Nevada Beach in all its glory – Image appears courtesy: Sierra Business Council

Round Hill

About a mile one-way paddle from Nevada Beach, Round Hill is another sandy beach that’s approximately ½ mile long with a very active pier and boating scene. Yet another Lake Tahoe Water Trailhead site, you’ll find further signage to provide you additional mapped paddle routes to consider. Right on the shore, you’ll see the Beach Bums Bar & Grill. Featuring an authentic thatched roof that you would find on a Caribbean Island, this is a good spot to relax and take in the views of the West Shore. Alongside the beach bar, you’ll find a snack bar and plenty of other amenities like kayaks, SUP’s, and bike rentals as well as boat cruises.

El Dorado Beach (Lakeview Commons)

Kayakers paddling by El Dorado Beach / Lakeview Commons in South Lake Tahoe
El Dorado Beach / Lakeview Commons – Image appears courtesy: Sierra Business Council

Known by south shore locals as “Lakeview Commons”, this is where the city of South Lake Tahoe embraces the waters it’s named after. From free music concerts in the summer to a variety of restaurants and amenities such as a public boat launch open all year long, the fun really heats up during the summer months. You’ll also have access to a large map showcasing all the paddle options available to you in the South shore region. Approximately a 3 mile paddle out (one-way) from Nevada Beach to El Dorado Beach, this is a good option to set off in the morning when the daily winds are light and shove off in the afternoon using the winds to your advantage to paddle back.

This is only a taste of the day trip options surrounding Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe. For a full write-up, head over to our day trips section and download the .pdf for the South Shore Day Trips. Or better yet, pick up a copy of our waterproof Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide.

Heads UP! Be sure to wear a life jacket!

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