Plan a Trip

Paddle the deep blue water of Lake Tahoe with our water safety tips. Plan to spend an hour, a day, or several days along the Water Trail. Lake Tahoe offers more than 72 miles of shoreline with 20 public launch/landing sites, segmented into 7 Day Trips.

  • Use LTWT Signage with mapped paddle routes – located at North Tahoe Beach, Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, Watermans Landing, Lake Forest Boat Ramp, Commons Beach, William Kent Beach, Sand Harbor, Cave Rock, El Dorado Beach and Regan Beach.
  • Day Trips.  If you only have a few hours, download a free Day Trip Map or purchase the waterproof Map & Guide. [Read more]
  • Overnight Trips. This is how to do Tahoe. Camp in a developed campground or stay in a luxury lodge. Getting there on the Lake Tahoe Water Trail is most of the fun! [Read more]
  • Clean, Drain & Dry.  If you are bringing your own gear, it must be Clean, Drained and Dry to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species at Lake Tahoe.
    Tahoe Keepers

    Protect your favorite place. Protect your favorite pastime.

    Learn how to self-inspect and decontaminate your gear and become a Tahoe Keeper here.  Better yet, rent from a Tahoe paddle shop and you’ll be good to go!  If you are unsure if your gear is clean, go to a Tahoe Boat Inspection Station.

    If you paddle in Nevada, you are required to have a NV AIS Decal.

  • Lake Conditions and Safety. Lake Tahoe is a large, cold lake. Even on the hottest summer days.  Be prepared and plan your paddle trip around wind and weather conditions, and know safety requirements and procedures. [Read more]
    • Paddle Proud. Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, protect shoreline vegetation and wildlife habitats, and leave no trace at launch and  landing sites. [Read more]
    • Respect Private Property.  Use the 20 LTWT designated launch/landing sites at public beaches.
    • Share the Trail. Help reduce user conflicts by understanding the needs of other boaters, swimmers, and private property owners. [Read more]